Lashes I love them, hell we all love them! BUT all lashes are not the same, all lash artists are not the same. I trained for 6 months with the global award-winning Novalash, and have been carrying out lash extensions for around 6 years. I have been hooked ever since at the transformation made in the 2 hours you are with me. 

There are different, lengths, thicknesses, and curls for us to choose from. Which of these we use are dependent on the look you want to achieve and your own natural lashes. I will not complete any work that will cause damage to your own natural lashes - I will be very honest with you about your expectations and what we can really do. 

You come to relax and have a lash nap, while I work away applying one extension to one lash and when you awake you will be amazed at the results and clients often spend the next few hours admiring their new look in every reflective surface they pass. 

Lashes, however, don't last a lifetime and will fall out with your own natural lash cycle. I advise top-ups every 2-3 weeks where you come back for just an hour and we fill in all the missing lashes and have them looking good as new! 

A Full New Set Of Lashes - £45

3 weekly topup - £35