Can you tell me what will happen during my intimate waxing appointment?

First of all I will get you to fill out a client card so we can check that all is well and you are able to have your treatment safely carried out. Then you will be shown into the room and the treatment explained in more detail. You will be left to get undressed from the waste down. There will be a wipe provided to give yourself a clean then you get on the bed and cover yourself with the towel provided. All waxing is carried out using in a hygenic environment and once the spatula has touched your skin it will never go back into the wax.

Last time I got little spots/bumps

This is completely normal especially if the hair is thick or course. Try taking an anti-histamine 30 mins or so before your appointment. It should only last around 48 hours

Will it be sore?


Honestly Yes it will the first time, but most people say it wasn't as bad as they were expecting. The more often you get waxed the hair gets finer and less of so the pain becomes ALOT less. if you are super worried you can always take paracetamol 30 mins before your appointment. 

Can I get waxed during my period

YES! If you don't mind either do we. We would, however, ask that you wear and tampon and bear in mind that it can be slightly more uncomfortable at this time.

I am worried that I'll get an erection


well, some men do, as an involuntary reaction. I will just carry on waxing nothing to worry about. However, if you are getting waxed for another reason other than hair removal you run the risk of embarrassing yourself, your appointment being cut short and still being charged.